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My memory and the internal desire of confronting myself with my own history results in a work that reflects a personal process, individual but unquestionably connected with a collective reality that is unfortunately often painful.


I’m interested in the body, the body memory, the hurt body, the body as archive. My body and the bodies that I capture tell a story and are part of a space, either real, temporal or imaginary. 


My motivation was initially intimate and introspective, slowly I discovered that I could tell my story through the stories of other women and then my motivation shifted to capture external events, but not too far from my own reality. Not too different nor distant.


The nail is a leit motiv of my work: is the constant representation of the pain, the look that penetrates, the words that hurt. From the memory that becomes a stinging pain.


have always thought that photography is the technique that allows me to more accurately represent what I want to say. I cannot visualise my work in a painting, a drawing or any other technique. Photography is instant, it has the ability of containing reality and resizing it.  


I am an artist from Cartagena, from the Colombian caribbean. I have been working with academics for the past 10 years. I’m currently living in Sweden where I continue to develop my work. 

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